What is a Pub Crawl in Budapest?

Be guided around the best pubs and bars in town while getting drinks & learn things!

What you need to know about the Pub Crawl Budapest:

Why book the Pub Crawl Budapest?

Budapest Pub Crawl The Budapest Pub Crawl is a great opportunity to experience the nightlife of Budapest, get to know the Hungarian drinking habits and meet new people to go on partying after the Pub Crawl is over.
  • See the best nightlife spots of Budapest!
  • Get free drinks (Beer/Wine & shots)
  • Meet new people & carry on with them
  • Learn about Hungarian drinking & traditions
  • Enjoy a night out partying

Where to book the Pub Crawl? Here! Online!

What do I see during the Pub Crawl in Budapest?

An organized Pub Crawl in Budapest is the perfect way to combine a great night out in the hottest pubs & bars, meeting new and interesting people as well as getting to know the Hungarian culture (of course mostly the drinking and partying culture). So what is that you will see during the Pub Crawl Budapest Tour?

  • You will be guided to at least 4 venues
  • A welcome drink at each venue
  • You have an English speaking nightlife guide
  • Visit bars & pubs you wouldn't have seen without

Budapest Pub CrawlThe bars you will see are all located in the Budapest downtown area but still hidden and off the path of the typical Budapest Tourist Guides who will recommend you bars which are out of fashion since last year already. You will walk from pub to bar and enjoy the comments of your English language tour guide who has been there many times and knows the scene inside out so that he for sure has some cool stories to tell. An of course you will be served a welcome drink in each venue meaning you will have at least 4 drinks that night included in the tour price but don't worry this is not the end. In each venue you can drink more though you have to pay it yourself and after you finished your Pub Crawl Budapest Tour you will stay in the group, only if you want of course, and spend the night together. The last venue includes the power hour which is a 45 minutes all you can drink (Beer, Vodka, Whisky, rum) round on the house so be ready to get drunk. We all know what can happen when people are drunk: Roumors are saying that great parties and even relationships have been created on the Pub Crawl Budapest.

Important Information before booking!

  1. This Pub Crawl is nothing for children or people under 18! Please bring your ID!
  2. The Tourguide has the right to refuse to give drinks to people who are drunk or if s/he sees that they cannot handle more alcohol!
  3. You need to be fit for light walking for 3 hours!
  4. The Pub Crawl takes place during any kind of weather condition so dress appropriately!
  5. Cancellation only until 72h before the tour. All cancallations within 72 hours prior the tour result in 100% cancellation fee!

Some Info about Budapest

Most likely you are not in Budapest only for the Pub Crawl but you would like to see more. So here we go with some recommendations for your stay in Budapest.

  1. Visit the at least one of the Budapest Baths for which Budapest is famous for. I recommend the Széchényi Bath which is a great way to fight your hangover!
  2. Would you like to see something from the city? Then go and do some Sightseeing in Budapest for example with a River Cruise.
  3. Do you need any other information or have questions regarding the city? No worries, just visit or contact BudapestAgent.com to get the best information in town!